Humanitarian train for Ukraine

We supply humanitarian Aid to Ukraine and provide transport for refugees fleeing to the Czech Republic.

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About us

Our mission is to increase the permeability of the EU borders with Ukraine and help refugees get to safety as quickly as possible. Our strengths are flexibility, pragmatic thinking, and the ability to make quick decisions. As a result, we can respond to the changing situation in Ukraine.

We believe our train is best solution for effectively transporting the refugees into the safety and bringing large amount of humanitarian help into the Ukraine. We provided humanitarian Aid in June 2021 in South Moravia when tornado happened, and we are using our experiences now in Ukraine.

We are a group of volunteers who work completely without any financial reward.

What have we done for Ukraine already? 5000 women, children and seniors brought to the safety in the Czech Republic.
More than 400 tons of humanitarian Aid delivered in to the Ukraine.

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Current needs

According to current situation we are collecting following stuff::

Medical needs: first aid kits, sterile bandages, antiseptics, analgesics, anti-inflammatory medicals, medications for diarrhea, medical gloves, thermal foils,, vitamins/minerals supplies.

Food: fast energy source such protein bars, grape sugar and chocolate), instant meals (example: Chinese soups and pasta dishes), cereals, nuts, baby food (pockets), canned food, tea, coffee.

Bedding: sleeping bags, blankets, sleeping pad, air mattress, isothermal foil.

Electronics: charged power banks + universal cables, headlamps + batteries, torch + batteries

Hygienic needs: wet wipes, pads for women or tampons, disinfectants, diapers, baby creams / oils.

Other: water purifying tablets and filters, disposable tableware, matches / lighters, electric heaters, gas cartridges.

WHAT WE DO NOT COLLECT: clothes, mattresses, bottled water, prams, toys, pet food and non-listed food. This complicates sorting and preparation for transport. Thank you for your understanding.

Collection points

Thank you for the your interest. We appreciate your help.
The Train for Ukraine has closed the public collection points.
We continue to provide material help to Ukraine through cooperation with companies, cities and regions.

Do you want to donate material help? Please check information about collect point below.

We are delivering humanitarian Aid directly to Ukraine by our train. If you have any question, feel free to contact us +420 602 739 871. We will make sure your material donation would be delivered as fast as possible to the people in need.

It would be very helpful if the humanitarian material is already sorted. You can find instruction here.

If you want please bring us the sorted humanitarian material to the central warehouse at the railway station in Bohumin,our volunteers collect stuff from 11:00 AM to 16:30 PM. Nevytříděný humanitární materiál přebíráme ve sběrných místech. 

Contribute to train operations

The train is free of charge.
Our activities are only possible thanks to your donations.



To operate the humanitarian train is very financially demanding, please support us via bank transfer in our transparent bank account bellow.


Account number: 2902129742/2010

IBAN: CZ14 2010 0000 0029 0212 9742

Thank you for your support! ♥

We also thank all the supporters and volunteers who help in many places in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.